Academic work

Theme “Increasing of the level of  preparation of specialists and formation of their professional competiveness at the conditions of innovational activity of college”


-realization of personal-active way to increasing of professional competitiveness of teachers of our college and  maintenance of process of formation of future expert


Actively introduce innovative pedagogical technologies of training in line with the personal focused competence.

• To open and staticize the creative potential of each subject of teaching and educational process.

• To form motivation in informative activity of  students.

• To increase quality of training due to improvement of forms of educational process, a training technique.

• To reveal, generalize also distribution of positive pedagogical experience of creatively working teachers.

The expected results:

• Increase in efficiency of the teaching and educational process focused on result.

• Creative disclosure of potential of teachers and training masters by means of introduction of competence-based approach.

• Creation of the developing professional environment and "success situation" for students in college.

• Continuous training for increase in level of professional competences of the college engineering and pedagogical group.