ATTENTION!!! - All bad that didn't happen to you yet, can be the result of your incompetence, unwillingness to carry out simple rules. Be vigilant! Take care also relatives of undesirable consequences

    We try to bring the simple truth to your attention. Yes, "traffic light" simple piece, all know about it, but not all look at it. And will it  leadto? So lookat this!!!




    - No who is insured from terrorism manifestations, but the correct actions can keep to you life and health. You watch rules of conduct at capture from above, in the attached document "ANTI-TERROR of 2016".


Аt establishment of levels of threats of terrorist danger


- pay attention to the thrown objects in the form of bags, boxes, parcels, bags

suitcases, especially with the sticking-out wires and technical devices and also on

strange, suspicious people in public places and transport;

- don't accept doubtful objects on storage or transportations;

- to explain to people around danger of touch to the thrown objects;

- you treat with understanding verification of documents by employees of law-enforcement

bodies and to render them assistance;

- you watch news about the current situation;

- don't give in to panic.



- you remember about necessary actions at "yellow" level;

- have at yourself the documents proving the identity, always and everywhere;

- refrain from visit of a mass congestion of people, without emergency;

- study the scheme of the building in which you are regarding finding of emergency exits;

- refrain from movement with large-size freights;

- discuss an operations procedure of family members at emergence of emergency situation;

- pay attention to appearance of strangers and cars near your house.


- fulfill the requirement of the previous levels ("yellow" and "orange");

- refrain from visit of zones in which the level of terrorist danger is established;

- limit stay of children on the street;

- prepare for possible evacuation, prepare necessities;

- you hold constantly included in the TV and the radio receiver;

- don't allow dissemination of unreliable and unchecked information;

- if you have appeared near possible terrorists try to remember appearance of the criminal, his distinctive features and a manner of behavior. But at the same time don't try to show resistance.

   The notification of the population at establishment or cancellation of levels of terrorist danger is carried out by competent public authorities by means of the Internet. body and broadcastings and also message of mailings.

RK anti-terrorist center

Служба информационной безопасности РГТК - 2016.
Зам. директора по ИТ: А. А. Герасименко

Point 115 of the Plan of measures on implementation of the State program on counteraction to religiosny extremism and terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Instruction to the population

according to prevention of acts of terrorism

Be observant! Only you are capable to find in due time objects and people, strangers at your entrance, the yard, the street.

Be vigilant! Pay attention to behavior of people around, existence of the ownerless and not meeting a situation objects.

Ensure safety of own house: establish an iron door with the on-door speakerphone at an entrance, daily check closing of cellars, attics and technical rooms.

Don't pretend that you notice nothing at dangerous behavior of fellow travelers in transport! You have full authority for safety of movement in transport.

Never accept on storage or for transfer to other person objects, even the safest.

Detection of a suspicious subject in the deserted place shouldn't weaken your care. The malefactor could throw simply him, having been frightened of something.

Even if you have a personal experience of communication with explosives, don't try to touch them. Self-made detonators happen supersensitive and sophisticated smart.

Don't come nearer and furthermore, don't touch a suspicious subject, it can cost you life.

Teach the children to security measures: not to talk on the street, not to get into cars and not to open a door for strangers, not to select ownerless toys, not to touch finds, etc.

Instruction to the population

at detection of suspects

The signs demonstrating planning or preparation of the act of terrorism:

1) numerous appearance of suspects in a building environment where you work (often you visit), or in the yard of the house, carrying out a photo and video filming and also records in a notebook;

2) attempts to avoid a meeting with law enforcement officers to iuklonitsya from surveillance cameras (I have hung the head, I have turned away, I have covered a face);

3) penetration into cellars and on attics of buildings of persons which have no relation to their maintenance;

4) the unreasonable introduction of strangers in contact with security guards and service personnel of office and residential buildings, ferreting out at them of data on an operating mode, measures for safety, etc.;

5) search by strangers of the people ready for solid remuneration to perform little significant work (transfer of a package, a parcel, a parcel).

In case of detection of suspects it is necessary to perform the following operations:

1) Not to accept independent attempts to detention;

2) To report immediately about them in law enforcement agencies;

3) Without drawing attention, to record the number of faces, exact signs of appearance, clothes and the objects which are available at them, brands and numbers of the used cars, the direction of the movement.

Instruction to the population

at detection of suspicious objects

Know: the appearance of a subject can hide his real appointment. As a camouflage for explosive devices usual household objects are used: bags, packages, parcels, boxes, toys, etc.

The signs demonstrating potential of explosion of the found subject:

1) presence of an unknown parcel or any subject at the car, on a ladder, in the apartment, etc.;

2) others bag, portfolio, box, any subject; unusual placement of the found subject at the car, apartment doors, at an entrance;

3) the tense wire, the cord seen outside of wire objects, power supplies or the isolating tape;

4) noise from the found suspicious subject (a characteristic sound, the clockwork, low-frequency noise).

If you have found a suspicious subject, don't disregard this fact:

1) in public transport:

- interview the people who are nearby and try to establish subject accessory (bags, etc.) or who could leave it;

- if the owner isn't established, immediately report about a find to the driver or the conductor.

2) at an entrance of the house:

- interview neighbors, perhaps, the subject belongs to them. If the owner isn't established 

immediately report about a find in law enforcement agencies (ph. 102, 112).

3) on the street, the park, etc.:

- look round around if there is an opportunity, try, to establish the owner. If he isn't established, immediately report about a find in law enforcement agencies (ph. 102, 112);

- try to protect or at remote distance not to allow strangers to a subject. On arrival of law enforcement officers transfer information on time of detection of a subject.

4) in institution, the organization:

- immediately report about a find to the security guard or administration of an object.

Don't take independent actions with finds or suspicious objects which can be explosive devices - it can lead to their explosion, the numerous victims, destructions.

It is strictly forbidden:

- to open, get moving forward, lift, to transfer a subject, to take in hand;

- to put a subject in pockets, a portfolio, a bag, etc.;

- to dig in to the earth or to throw them into reservoirs;

- to tear off or pull the wires or wires departing from objects, to make attempts to neutralize them;

- to use the found unfamiliar objects;

- to use in close proximity to a subject of radio - and electrical accessories, cell phones.

Instruction to the population,

appeared in a zone of explosion or under fragments of structures of buildings

as a result of operation of the explosive device 

If you have appeared in an explosion zone, you remain in consciousness and are able to move, then first of all, have to move there where there are no smoke and fire.

If you haven't suffered at explosion, and nearby there are victims, estimate their condition: whether there is pulse whether there is a person in consciousness. Don't try to bring him round by means of sal ammoniac at all. Loss of consciousness is a protective reaction of an organism to external influence. Carefully probe his bones, at absence at the victim of changes lay him sideways. In situation on a back he can choke with emetic masses, on a stomach – to choke. At arterial bleeding (blood scarlet, gushes forth) the wound needs to be stopped up as soon as possible at least with a finger, and then to tie up a belt, a rope, a belt the place wounds are higher.

If you are under fragments of structures of the building try will calm down. You breathe deeply and exactly. Be adjusted on the fact that rescuers will save you. Draw with voice and knock attention of people. If you are deeply under building fragments, move any metal subject to the left-to the right for detection you an ekhopelengator.

Instruction to the population

on actions in case of capture in hostages  

Each case of capture of hostages is peculiar and differs from others.

At the same time, if you have appeared in hostages:

1) whenever possible get it together rather, calm down and don't panic;

2) if you were connected or have closed eyes, try to relax, you breathe more deeply;

3) be prepared physically, morally and emotionally for possible severe test. At the same time you remember that the majority of cases of taking of people, hostages survived. Be sure that special and law enforcement agencies already undertake professional measures for your release;

4) don't try to run if there is no full confidence in success of escape;

5) remember as much as possible information on terrorists. It is expedient to establish their quantity, arms degree, to make the fullest description, having paid attention to characteristics of appearance, a constitution, accent and scope of a talk, temperament, behavior manners, etc. Detailed information will help with establishment of persons of terrorists subsequently;

6) try to determine the place of the stay (imprisonment) by various signs;

7) whenever possible settle down far away from windows, doors and thieves, i.e. in places of bigger safety in case active measures for your release are taken (storm of the room, fire of snipers on defeat of criminals, etc.);

8) in case of storm of the building it is recommended to lay down on a floor facedown, having put hands on a nape;

9) be not indignant if at storm and capture with you can first (before establishment of your 

personality) to arrive a little incorrectly, as with the probable criminal. You can be searched, chained in handcuffs, connect, put an emotional or physical trauma, examine. Treat with understanding that in similar situations such actions storming (before final identification of all persons and identification of true criminals) are justified.

Relationship with thieves:

1) don't show aggressive resistance, don't do the sharp and menacing movements, don't provoke terrorists to rash actions;

2) whenever possible avoid direct visual contact with thieves;

3) from the very beginning (especially the first half an hour) execute all orders and orders of thieves;

take a position of passive cooperation. Talk a quiet voice. Avoid expressions of contempt, defiant hostile tone and behavior which can cause anger of aggressors;

4) behave quietly, keep at the same time self-respect. Don't state categorical refusals, but be not afraid to address with quiet requests for what you are in great need in;

5) in the presence at you problems with health which in a situation of a severe stress can be shown, declare it in a quiet form to the people who have captured you. Gradually, taking into account the developing situation, it is possible to increase the level of the requests connected with improvement of your comfort.

At long stay in position of the hostage:

1) don't allow emergence of feeling of pity, confusion and confusion. Mentally prepare yourself for future tests. Keep intellectual activity;

2) avoid emergence of feeling of despair, use for this purpose internal resources of self-belief;

3) think and remember pleasant things. Remember that chances of release increase over time. Be sure what is now done everything possible for your fastest release;

4) constantly you find to yourself any occupation (physical exercises, reading, vital memoirs, etc.). Establish the daily schedule of physical and intellectual activity, carry out affairs in a strict methodical order;

5) for maintenance of forces eat everything that is given even if food isn't pleasant and doesn't tempt appetite. Realize that loss of appetite and weight are normal the phenomenon in a similar extreme situation.

Maintaining psychological stability - one of the most important orders of salvation of the hostage. Here any receptions and methods distracting from unpleasant feelings and experiences, allowing to keep clarity of thoughts, adequate assessment of the situation are good. It is useful to acquire the following rules:

1) do available physical exercises in these conditions, at least, strain also to a rasslabklyayta serially all muscles of a body;

2) it is very useful to practice in every respect auto-training and meditation, they will help to keep the mentality under control;

3) remember silently the read books, verses, songs, consistently contemplate various abstract problems (solve mathematical problems, remember foreign words, etc.). Your mind has to work;

4) if there is such opportunity, read everything that will appear near at hand even if the text absolutely isn't interesting to you. It is also possible to write in spite of the fact that written will be selected. The process helping to keep mind is important;

5) try to treat the events with you kind from outside, without taking the incident very much to heart, up to the end hope for a happy end. Fear, a depression and apathy - three of your main enemies, all of them - inside of you.

Instruction on actions of the population

when obtaining information on evacuation

If information on the beginning of evacuation has found you at home:

1) put on on weather, take documents, money, values;

2) disconnect electricity, gas, water, extinguish fire in the furnace (fireplace);

3) assist in evacuation elderly and the seriously ill patient to people;

4) close an entrance door on the lock;

5) depart from the building and execute commands of the tow truck, come back to the left room only after permission of responsible persons.

4) постоянно находите себе какое-либо занятие (физические упражнения, чтение, жизненные воспоминания и т.д.). Установите суточный график физической и интеллектуальной деятельности, выполняйте дела в строгом методическом порядке;

5) для поддержания сил ешьте все, что дают, даже если пища не нравится и не вызывает аппетита. Отдайте себе отчет в том, что потеря аппетита и веса являются нормальными явлением в подобной экстремальной ситуации.

If information on evacuation has found you in a workplace:

1) without haste and panic remove briefs in the safe or the locked table box;

2) take with yourself personal belongings, documents, values;

3) switch off office equipment, electric devices, light;

4) lock a door and move the routes designated in schemes of evacuation;

5) depart from the building and execute commands of the head evacuation.

     You see Dopolitelny information below: "ATTENTION! EXTREMISM"



  If the fire has happened in educational institution, it is important to give as soon as possible the alarm that all had enough time to be evacuated from the building.


1. In what room the fire.

2. Whether all are evacuated.

Existence of the plan of evacuation very much will help fire protection.


1. Alarm.

2. Call of fire protection.

3. Evacuation.

4. Collecting.

5. Muster.


To prevent panic and to provide safe, organized and effective evacuation of all attendees in educational institution through all available exits and to adjust consciousness on rational reaction at collision with the fire or other emergency both in college, and in other places.


  Any person – the student, the pupil or the member of personnel - at detection of the fire has to give without hesitation the alarm about the fire. The notification about fire alarm has to serve as a signal for full evacuation from all building in any part of the building, and not just from his part.


About any emergence of the fire, even the smallest, or on the fire it is necessary to report about suspicion IMMEDIATELY to fire protection in the fastest way. Duplication of a call of fire protection has to be provided. It is very important that there was no delay in performance of a call; the student, immediately reports about fire emergence to the class teacher, the teacher, any member of personnel who has to report on instance and be convinced that fire protection is caused.


   Having heard alarm, students, have to get up at the school desks and according to instructions of the teacher responsible for audience, leave her on one and go to the assembly point. To leave bags, portfolios, clothes on places. If to eat, use gauze bandages for protection of respiratory organs. Groups have to go equal, with measured steps, the teacher follows behind with the magazine of group. At the end of a chain it is necessary to leave the most tall and physically developed students, pupils that in case of need they could help weaker; it is necessary to close a door of audience and all other doors on the way of evacuation which during evacuation more nobody will use. Stulenta have to leave the building of educational institution on the safest and shortest way.

  It is necessary to provide the help for disabled students and students with unbalanced character. It can turn out so that magazines of groups at the time of alarm aren't at teachers therefore they need to be brought to the place of collecting as soon as possible to make full muster. A talk and laughter during evacuation have to be forbidden were heard instructed. Having left to a ladder, students, from one group have to keep together and not run crowd, and go down orderly on one, only on the one hand ladders, leaving other party of a ladder for pass of other groups, except for cases when a ladder very narrow. It isn't allowed that certain people or the whole groups overtook each other.

  All who aren't present at audience during an alarm signal (for example, is in toilets, corridors, etc.), have to go immediately to the place of collecting and join the group. To none of students, it isn't allowed to come back to the building, for example, behind clothes, books and so forth until fire protection or - in case of a training - principals is granted permission.


  The place of collecting has to be in advance coordinated. Having come to the place of collecting, each group has to take a certain place and be there, without dispersing to the special instruction.


   Immediately on the arrival of groups to the place of collecting muster has to be carried out if it is possible - according to magazines, and each responsible person has to report immediately to the director about presence of the group in full strength. If someone is missing, the personnel have to begin search immediately. 


Information danger!

   Dear students and also their parents. For anybody not a secret – the Internet resources bear not only useful information. At the information level there is a fight of ideologies, at this level foundations and traditions of our State, tolerance among people of different nationalities and religious beliefs can be undermined. At the age of 16-18 years teenagers, our students, are most subject to different types of propaganda and promotion. Monitoring of the websites and contact groups of students, service of information security of college, leaves much to be desired. Proceeding from results of monitoring:

    1. The Internet activity indirectly influences progress, and is negative. The number of contacts of 50 percent of students exceeds 100. The investigation – not enough time is found for lessons. Besides, the mobile Internet is present at cell phones and is used in school hours not for designated purpose.

    Dear parents, control please the Internet activity of your children!

     2. Control has to be present not only on time, but also according to contents!  

   Presence of students of college at the following contact groups is categorically inadmissible:

- suicide orientation of dialogue;

- extremist and nationalist ideological orientation;

- promotion of sectarianism in any religion, especially connected with a gift of in the victim for the sake of "rescue of the world";

- where there is any mention of drugs;

- having obscene names and dialogues;

- exchange of a pornography and other obscene information things;

- antistate orientation and promotion.

     3. In соц. networks it is also easily possible to fall a victim of fraud.

  Don't enter doubtful promising transactions, especially if to you they are busily offered.


Offenses, responsibility and prevention!

What is the offense? 

Offense is a guilty behavior of the right capable person which contradicts instructions of rules of law, does harm to other persons and involves legal responsibility. 

 All offenses can be subdivided into two groups: offenses and crimes (heaviest offenses).

Offenses can be labor, disciplinary, administrative and civil.

Understand as crimes, as a rule, criminal offenses, that is

the acts breaking the criminal law. They can differ on category of weight.

Depending on a type of offense mark out the corresponding responsibility — criminal, administrative, disciplinary, civil.

1. Criminal responsibility – responsibility for violation of the laws provided by the Criminal code. The crime provided by the criminal law socially dangerous, encroaching on a social order, property, the personality, the rights and freedoms of citizens, public order (murder, a robbery, rape, insults, petty thefts, hooliganism).

For malicious hooliganism, theft, rape criminal liability comes from 14 years.

2. Administrative responsibility - is applied for the violations provided by the Code of Administrative Offences. Violations belong to administrative: traffic offense, violation of fire safety.

Are made for administrative offenses from 16 years responsible. Punishment: penalty, prevention, corrective works.

 3. The disciplinary responsibility is a violation of labor duties, i.e. violation of the labor legislation, for example: delay for work, a truancy without good reason.

 4. Civil – legal responsibility - governs the property relations. Punishments to the offender: indemnification, payment of damage.

The main objectives of activities of college for prevention of offenses are:

- ensuring protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens against illegal acts (inaction);

- prevention of offenses, identification and elimination of the reasons and conditions promoting their commission;

- acceptance of the preventive measures directed to prevention of offenses;

- ensuring participation of citizens in prevention of offenses;

- education of citizens in the spirit of respecting the rule of law and law and order;

- prevention of neglect, homelessness, offenses and antisocial actions of minors, identification and elimination of the reasons and conditions promoting it;

- ensuring protection of the rights and legitimate interests of minors;

- social and pedagogical rehabilitation of the minors which are in socially dangerous situation;

- identification and suppression of cases of involvement of minors in commission of crimes and antisocial actions.

Levels of preventive activity:

- General and social (public)

- Special and criminological

- Individual

- Pedagogical 

Activity blocks

a) moral prevention;

b) legal prevention;

c) pedagogical prevention.

Persons with whom scheduled maintenance is carried out:

- Neglected

- Homeless

- The minors which are in socially dangerous situation

- The minors making antisocial actions

- The minors committing offenses

- The families which are in socially dangerous situation

Directions of action:

1. diagnostic;

2. psychocorrectional;

3. improving;

4. teaching and educational;

5. social and legal;

6. consulting;

7. scientific and methodical;

8. social and analytical and educational

Special emphasis is placed on the teaching and educational and social and legal direction in activity of college.

Teaching and educational activity is an implementation of education of the students having difficulties in assimilation of educational programs in connection with features of psychophysical development and unsuccessful social living conditions within the state educational standard. Creation of conditions for the personal focused training providing the variable nature of education with statement korrektsionno - the developing tasks; for restoration of learning ability and increase in level of good breeding.

Social and legal direction: provides assistance to minors in social and labor adaptation, career guidance, receiving a profession and employment, in protection of their rights and the interests protected by the law; consultation of minors and their parents on legal questions; prevention of asocial behavior, vagrancy, homelessness, attempts of a suicide of minors.

Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan

from 4/29/2010 N 271-IV LRK


Anabolic steroids!   

  Everyone wants to become big and strong, especially at the age of 16-18 years. The motivation can be any, only not health. The Internet dazzles with articles and " programs how to be pumped up in a month and even week". Scientific knowledge speaks in any way, this process on much more long yet. But teenagers want all and at once. About it on the Internet the mass of different programs and advertizing of allegedly all-powerful medicines. But here a trouble, one in general don't act in any way, others do harm to the teenager's organism. Directly speaking, anabolic steroids are forbidden and in the majority of the countries are ranked as narcotic substances, but for some reason are freely advertized on the Internet, so and extend. Moreover on this subject the set of articles about allegedly their harmlessness is written. 

  Anabolic medicines have been created by scientists for rehabilitation of patients with severe injuries, for the sake of their rescue when other ways to return to the person mobility, simply not. But enterprising people use these medicines for profit, they aren't concerned at all by your health. Scientists created peaceful atom too, but it has brought death to millions. Don't allow to deceive yourself.

    What alternative? Natural bodybuilding? Yes it is, but also there are reefs: overtraining, as a result of a trauma. How to avoid? Modern researches have proved insolvency of classical system of trainings, however she is present at the Internet in large numbers. And what is told by modern science? Train one group of muscles not more often, 1st once a week and there will be to you happiness. For a start have patience, come here and listen to the person of the spent decade on a research of this problem.

Служба информационной безопасности РГТК - 2016.
Зам. директора по ИТ: А. А. Герасименко


Tobacco smoking!


  To smoke or not to smoke – "to live or not to live" is already an axiom. This addiction is present no justifications. We won't frighten you by scary pictures and diseases, they are enough on the Internet and they are truthful. Also, in each educational group many class hours and lectures on this subject have been spent. If consequences don't frighten you, then only because you are young and it will occur not now. But it will occur surely, still before the mankind invents the time machine to return back and leave off smoking right at the beginning, or not to begin at all. The most terrible in this case habit, in other words smoker's experience. As well as in all the rest, the farther to the bog, the it is more difficult to be chosen.

  Make it now!!! The biggest mistake to put off or look for an alternative. Still, for clever students of our college, count as your budget in a week, month, year turns into smoke. In our crisis time not an unimportant factor of your prosperity

Служба информационной безопасности РГТК - 2016.
Зам. директора по ИТ: А. А. Герасименко


You don't smoke, don't begin! You smoke - throw!!!

  Tobacco smoking is a type of household drug addiction.

  1-2 packs of cigarettes contain a lethal dose of nicotine. Saves the smoker that this dose is entered into an organism not at once, and it is fractional.

   When smoking one pack of cigarettes it is possible to receive a radiation dose in 7 times more of the dose established by the international agreement on protection against radiation.

  The toxicity of tobacco smoke is 4,5 times higher than toxicity of exhaust automobile gases and by 248 times – smoke of a gas gorelkikuryashchiya 13 times more often get sick: stenocardia, by 12 times – a myocardial infarction, by 10 times – stomach ulcer. Smokers make 96-100% of all suffering from cancer lungs.

Smoking leads to such diseases as:

• A hypertension – increase in arterial blood pressure.

• Chronic bronchitis – inflammation of a mucous membrane of bronchial tubes.

• Emphysema of lungs – expansion of lungs.

• Cancer diseases – are formed from 4 to 20 years (three quarters of this period proceed asymptomatically).

 "You have smoked a cigarette – exactly on this cigarette I have grown stupid, have grown old, have weakened sexual function, at last, have reduced the life. I have smoked other cigarette – the same, only plus!." G.A. Shichko


      You remember advantage of refusal of smoking for your organism:

In 1 hour. Your organism begins to get rid of tobacco toxins.

In 8 hours. Your blood half gets rid of nicotine and a monoxide of an uglrod. Oxygen level in blood comes to normy

In 3 weeks. You catch taste and a smell better. Cough and problems from respiratory organs disappear. Your lungs recover, at you short wind disappears and normal breath is restored. Your general state improves. You feel better since you know that YOU became stronger and are less dependent on nicotine.

In 1 – 2 years. Twice the risk of a myocardial infarction will decrease.

In 3 years. The risk of a myocardial infarction is equal to as though you didn't smoke at all.

In 10 years. At you the risk of a disease of lung cancer half will decrease. The longer you don't smoke, the risk is less.

Video about harm of smoking, according to the reference below

Служба воспитательной работы РГТК - 2016.
Социальный педагог: Брановец А. Е.


Drug addiction – a scourge of modern society.

The main reasons for drug addiction are in social conditions and carelessness of parents, but each case is individual.

Main reasons for drug addiction:

• Internal problems (troubles, social inequality, misunderstanding in family),

• Curiosity (many think that it is fashionable, or at least once in life everything needs to be tried),

• Search of new feelings,

• Example of friends,

• A protest against the developed circumstances,

• Desire to ego-trip and seem is more adult,

• Availability of acquisition of drugs.

    These factors in total and everyone give the chance of such disease as drug addiction, quickly to extend and destroy society.

         Drug addiction stages

   At the first stage there is a mental dependence. She develops after the first use. 1-2 months later the dependence passes in physical (the second stage). After 6 months of the regular use of drugs there comes the third stage, such people are already dangerous to society. They don't control the actions and work only for the purpose of extraction of narcotic substance.

   Drug addiction among youth can lead in the future to full degradation not only the certain person, but also society in general.

Drug addiction consequences

    Familiarizing with psychoactive substances leads to a chronic disease. Dizzy flight in an abyss comes to the end with crushing blow – emergence of symptoms of abstinency, or "withdrawal pains" - the painful feelings caused by lack of narcogene substance.

  Here is how one of sick teenagers describes this state: "Inhuman pain … As if the whole gang of sadists has inside got – one bones flatten, other joints turn out, the third nails hammer everywhere. Guts run around like a mad, and you naturally go crazy".

   All drugs, irrespective of group or a way of introduction to an organism, to a greater or lesser extent surely damage: nervous system (including brain); immune system; liver; heart; lungs; and all the rest.

    Addicts in terrible torments perish from drug overdose, from poisoning with thinners, from AIDS, hepatitis, from blood poisoning, from accidents, from murders and suicides …

Video about consequences of drug addiction is lower according to - наркомания - наркомания

Служба воспитательной работы РГТК - 2016.
Социальный педагог: Брановец А. Е.



   We address you students of RGTK and other visitors of the website! Very hot topic, the latest city news don't please us. As well as why it occurs? This question to you was answered by the psychologists leading in college discussions on this subject. The service Internet of safety of RGTK monthly monitors doubtful contacts and so in each educational institution. But suicide cases all the same take place to be.

But whether relationship is the reason in group? There are in each collective very vulnerable people, they require the special relation and attention not only adults.

   Ten times think before offending your fellow student, knowing about existence of such people, try to add optimism to their life, to calm, sympathize. You don't produce derelicts in group.

   The correct behavior, perhaps, you will save someone's life, and wrong opposite!!!

    Dear parents! For anybody not a secret that many of us, not only our children are subject autumn - to spring aggravation in the emotional plan. You remember it, don't heat a situation, and try to leave from not peacefully, address your life experience



Абайдың 19-шы сөзінен:

«Адам ата-анадан туғанда есті болмайды: естіп, көріп, ұстап, татып ескерсе, дүниедегі жақсы, жаманды таниды, сондай дан білгені, көргені көп болғанадам білімді болады. Естілердің айтқан сөздері нескеріп жүргенкі сіөзі де есті болады. Әрбір естілік жеке өзііске жарамайды. Солестілер денестіп, білген жақсы нәрселерді ескерсе, жаман дегеннен сақтанса, сонда іске жарайды, сонда адам десе болады…»

(Translation: "The child human isn't born reasonable on light. Only listening, beholding, trying everything to the touch and on taste, it begins to learn a difference between good and bad. The more sees and hears the child, the learns more. A lot of things can be acquired, listening to the words of reasonable people. It isn't enough to have reason — only listening and remembering manuals of knowing, avoiding defects, it is possible to become the full-fledged person")

Extremism – commitment to extreme views, methods of actions (usually in policy). Both certain people, and the organizations, mainly political are subject to extremism. Among political extremist actions it is possible to note provocation of disorders, acts of terrorism, conducting guerrilla war. The most radical extremists often deny in principle any compromises, negotiations, agreements.

    Sheikh Yusuf al-Karadavi has established the following signs of extremism:

1. Weak knowledge of essence of religion, rejection of other opinions. Means not usual lack of information of the person on religion subtleties owing to a lack of education in what there is no sin, and "partial understanding which owner carries himself to number of scientists.

2. Inability to distinguish the main thing from minor. Compulsion to what isn't obligatory. Excesses in prohibition.

3. Intolerance in relationship with gentiles and cruelty in an appeal.

4. Imitation extremist sects of the past. Charge of Muslims of disbelief.

Basic principles of counteraction of extremist activity

Counteraction of extremist activity is based on the following principles:

• recognition, observance and protection of the rights and freedoms of the person and citizen, legitimate interests of the organizations;

• legality;

• publicity;

• priority of safety of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• the priority died, directed to prevention of extremist activity;

• cooperation of the state with public and religious associations, other organizations, citizens in counteraction of extremist activity;

• inevitability of punishment for implementation of extremist activity.

Are recognized as terrorist and the international organizations are forbidden in the territory of Kazkhastan:

1. Al-Qaeda

2. "Islamic party of East Turkestan"

3. "The Kurdish national congress"

4. "Society of social reforms" (Kuwait)

5. "The Kurdish national congress"

6. Asbat-al-Ansar (Lebanon)

7. Muslim Brotherhood (international)

8. Taliban

9. "Boz Gurd"

10. "Zhamaat of Mujahideens of Central Asia"

11. Lashkar-e-Taiba (Pakistan)

12. "Hizb-ut-Tahrir-al-Islami" (International)

13. To Aumsenrika

14. "Organization of liberation of East Turkestan"

15. Tabligidzhamanat (Pakistan)

16. Tarikhatshilar

17. Suleymenshiler

Religious extremism in Kazakhstan – the phenomenon which at us on a substantial scale wasn't shown. In the territory of the republic there are no internal prerequisites for terrorist and extremist manifestations because of lack of social and political base that is promoted by the weighed policy pursued by the leaders of our country.

Actions of extremists are directed not only against institutes of the state, but also against personal security of everyone. The data of the organization preaching creation of the theocratic state in which there will be no place of democracy to freedom of choice of religion poses a serious threat of national security of the republic as a source and a factor of interfaith contention, social, international and political conflicts in the Kazakh society. We are once again convinced of wisdom of the Kazakh people and its president Nursultan Nazarbayev thanks to which in our country there were never conflicts on an international and interfaith basis. Kazakhstan never supported any clashing countries, proceeding only from ethnic or religious reasons. In Kazakhstan insult of national or religious advantage under cover of "freedom of speech" is allowed to nobody.

Instruction student:

1. Don't enter dialogue with the preachers who have approached you on the street;

2. If have offered you the leaflet, the brochure, the magazine of religious orientation, thank, and politely refuse;

3. Don't try to defend the religious beliefs at a meeting with believers or preachers of any religious organization;

4. Before you decide to visit meeting of any religious organization, consult to parents, relatives, just close people;

5. The choice to trust or not to trust - only yours before to make the decision think whether it costs? The considered and correct decision will keep to you not only sincere health, there can be even life.

If you and your relatives have got under influence of this organization, or the movement, and consultation of experts is necessary for you, then you can address to the centers of psychological assistance for the persons affected by activity of the destructive pseudo-religious organizations. Phone of the HOT LINE 114.

Video below according to references! - экстремизм - 1 часть - 2 часть

Служба воспитательной работы РГТК - 2016.
Социальный педагог: Брановец А. Е.


Earphones !

   What does marching set of the modern young man consist of? Mobile phone, small computer or tablet, player and of course earphones. Such to electronic parts of a body without which adequately it isn't possible to function. In city bustle and public transport the only rescue from insanity is music. I have pressed a button, I have dressed earphones and all surrounding irritating sounds withdraw. Conveniently, agree. But, as it became known, earphones are life-threatening also health!

   Scientists draw to us rather gloomy picture concerning use of the above-mentioned device. There is this miracle of the equipment quite often leads to the death of their owners and that is why: the most usual road accident becomes the reason of untimely death.

  The American scientists from the university of the State of Maryland (USA) have decided to conduct an unusual research of traumatism on roads. They were interested in cases when on the victims of accidents earphones have been put on. Having studied data of national electronic system of supervision of traumatism of the USA and news of Google from 2010 for 2015, they have come to unfavourable conclusions. From 116 tragic cases of 70% from them have ended with a lethal outcome. 68% of injured music lovers – men up to 30 years. The most interesting that 29% of vehicles in every possible way tried to give to unfortunate pedestrians a signal of the approach, but is vain. Besides, the majority of situations has happened on city streets and only 10 cases in rural areas.

   There is one more danger connected with use of earphones. You can just become deaf! Scientists (this time the university in Tel Aviv) have come to a conclusion that every fourth teenager can prematurely lose hearing.

289 participants of an experiment aged from 13 up to 17 years have told to researchers how they have got used to listen to music (duration, loudness and other). On the basis of the obtained data measurements in noise and silence have been taken.

   Scientists have found out that most of young people use a player and earphones regularly (80% of respondents). 21% carry earphones from 1 to 4 hours in day, and 8% and that longer. The average loudness of musical sounds in silence 82 decibels, in noise — 89. It is a serious prerequisite both to deterioration in hearing, and to his full loss. Most of all irreversibility of process frightens!!!

   Thus fans to avoid city bustle and importunate noise seriously risk to face a deafness problem in 30-40 years if not earlier. If it doesn't frighten you, means at all you shouldn't throw out "a thing close to heart" in a window. "Deafness at early age has the advantages (how much superfluous it is possible to turn a deaf ear!). Besides the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven managed to write fine music being absolutely deaf, and Francisco Goya, having lost hearing, continued to create successfully the picturesque masterpieces".


Mobile (cellular) communication!

    The harm to health done by cellular communication isn't proved yet. It isn't proved, means up to the end it isn't studied. It also guards, especially a word so long!!! Means, we risk. Therefore, the person conceiving will limit communication to a framework of business.

   But there is other aspect of negative impact which since recent time is used.  

  What is "delusion" in the modern world and whether there is it? In Russia this scientific direction is called psychoecology. Psychoecology – the science studying influence on mentality of the person and population in general of technogenic, sociocultural and information influences and also ways of decrease in their pathogenic influence. One of parts of psychoecology are computer psychotechnologies. A basis of computer psychotechnology is the found method of special transformation, coding of the speech with saving her semantic contents. Access to area of subconsciousness of the person — storage of images and indistinct associations was so organized. (Psychological threat) Come according to the reference - useful information!.
     One of subsections of this direction is acoustic or audiopsychocorrection – correction of a state and behavior of the person by means of the coded speech on specially developed algorithm at which she turned into similarity of noise when which listening it is impossible not only to distinguish sense of the speech message, but also to establish his existence. That this noise when listening doesn't cause irritation in the person, and he doesn't realize the main thing that this noise contains some information. It is necessary several hours a day in the mode of repetition of such impact of this noise on the person. In several days of people begins to build the behavior proceeding from the coded suggestion formula, thinking that he makes the decisions independently. It is absolutely exact analogy to the world famous video psychocorrection – or "the 25th shot of Fischer".
   From the point of view of the choice of the electronic device for the most effective realization of a task of management of behavior by the person it is difficult to find more suitable means, than the mobile phone. Especially modern smartphones which such functions as Bluetooth, WI-FI, polyphony which can influence a brain of the person are built in. Here it is possible to realize absolutely easily various combined functions of influence on the person – his head in close proximity to the mobile phone and perceives even vibration of phone. In what way there is "imposing". The person speaks with the interlocutor by the mobile phone. His conversation is intercepted from the "false" station of the operator (Professional system for listening of cell phones of GSM and TDMA networks), and specially coded noise which is perceived by him as noise of mobile communication is added to a conversation of the person. This noise insignificant also doesn't create any feelings of irritation. At the same time people don't realize that specially coded instructions which influence their consciousness are added to their conversation.


- "Week approximately hard drinking has brought me to standing, well-known to each zapoyny alcoholic. The state when you can't is, neither to drink, nor to sleep. Even to sit. You can't go and lie, however, too. The only occupation – everyone half an hour as according to the schedule, it is necessary to drink a glass of vodka to receive small and short simplification, so that it was possible to live exactly to the following glass …"

E. Babadzhan. "30 days without the Internet"

Alcoholism is the disease which is characterized by continuous consumption of alcoholic beverages, gradual increase in their shipping, approach of a number of violations in an organism at the sudden termination of alcohol intake.

What is alcoholism dangerous by?

   Abuse alklgoly – the most frequent reason of commission of illegal acts.

   Infection with venereal diseases in 9 cases from 10 occurs in a condition of an alcoholic opneniye.

   The reason of 40-60% of cases of intellectual backwardness of children, alcoholism of parents is. Alcoholism can result from consumption of any alcoholic drink including beer.

   At the long and constant use alcohol makes toxic impact practically on all internals, but the liver, heart and digestive tract are subject to most of all his influence.

  The main diseases connected with chronic consumption of alcoholic drinks – cirrhosis, stomach ulcer and an acute heart failure. Alcohol also leads to violation of work of a brain and various frustration of mentality. Also alcohol intake threatens: differences of mood, block, development delay, memory easing, impotence.

The lethal dose алкоголявmakes dependences on tolerance

from 5 to 13 grams of pure alcohol on kilogram of live weight.

For viewing of video on this subject, follow the links below. - Алкоголизм. - Подростковый алкоголизм.

Служба воспитательной работы РГТК - 2016.
Социальный педагог: Брановец А. Е.



Prevention of child teenage tuberculosis and advice to parents

Main symptoms and symptoms of tuberculosis:

Long cough (more than three weeks) or tussiculation with allocation of a phlegm, it is possible with blood.

Thorax pains.

Loss of appetite, decrease in body weight.

The strengthened sweating (especially at night).

General malaise and weakness.

       Periodic small temperature increase of a body (37,2 ° – 37,4 °C).

     Reddening and swelling of skin more than 5 mm in size at children and teenagers when conducting test to Mant testify to the infection moment, but not to the disease yet; in this case profound inspection of the child is required.

 At children and teenagers it is necessary for prevention of tuberculosis:

     It is responsible to treat to parents the health, to be interested in advance about health of those people who will temporarily live in your family.

     To pass preventive X-ray fluorographic

inspection, especially if in family is the newborn child.

     It is obligatory to see a doctor if the child was in contact with the TB patient.

     To preserve your child against long contact with the patient – isolation in sanatorium kindergarten or sanatorium school; it will reduce risk of a disease.

      Obligatory inspection at the doctor-phthisiatrician at infection establishment the child on test Manta.

      Personal parental example to form a healthy lifestyle at the child..


Prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted


     As appears from the name, diseases, sexually transmitted, it is possible to catch at the unprotected sexual contact. It should be taken into account that it is not only about traditional sex, but also about all his forms including exchange of physiological liquids. Thus, initially main prevention of venereal diseases is maintaining sexual life only with the permanent, only partner. In case it isn't quite possible, there is a number of precautionary measures which will reduce risk of a disease:

1). Use condom for prevention of venereal diseases. The way of protection is one of the most reliable, but doesn't give an absolute guarantee. Even at constant use of qualitative condoms (that is bought in drugstore, but not where or still) the possibility of infection makes about 1%.

 2). Use antiseptics and spermitsida. Special candles, cream and lubricant will be able to reduce risk to receive STD. But their preventive level is even lower, than at condoms therefore their application as the only means of protection isn't recommended.

3). For prevention of venereal diseases you undergo periodic (at least several times a year) surveys at experts. Many STD it is shown not at once, the disease can pass long time asymptomatically. Therefore for timely identification and an initiation of treatment it is necessary to visit periodically the doctor (the gynecologist, the urologist, the venereologist) and to make tests.

    Constantly strengthen immunity. The risk of infection after contact with the sick partner is less if own protective mechanisms of an organism function fully.