Educational and production work


Industrial practice work in Rudny

mining technological college.


Improvement of quality of training and competitiveness of shots through formation of motivation to vocational training.


• Improvement of forms and methods of maintaining lessons, practical training for training of students.

• Creation of conditions for professional formation and development of students

• Activization of cognitive activity through use of methods of the developing training.


• to introduce innovative technologies at lessons of inservice training for the purpose of increase in professional skill;

• to form at students of need for a encreasing of level of professional skill, mastering adjacent specialty

• To stir up search and creative activity of students when mastering professional skills


• Release of the qualified specialists demanded in labor market

 Personnel potential of training officer

In college 27 training officers who are directed by the senior training officer work. From them 7 people have the highest category, 1 people the first, 6 people the second, 14 people without category.

Professional orientation work

Professional orientation work and formation of the contingent of students in Rudnensky mining technological college puts as a special task studying of individual differences in abilities of entrants, their professional selection on specialties of college and timely involvement of students to education.

The vocational guidance which is carried out in college - providing information and the advisory help to students about realization of his rights in the field of educational and professional opportunities, free and conscious choice of profession according to professional interests, individual abilities and psychophysiological features

Professional orientation work is carried out among the studying high comprehensive schools of the city and nearby rural schools.

Despite increase in the state order for training of pupils and inclusion in the state order of new specialties, qualitatively carried out professional orientation work leads to implementation of the plan of set.

The selection committee makes completing of groups on a competitive basis according to the provision on inclusion in educational institutions.

Well carried out professional orientation work is a guarantee of successful work of teachers and training officers of training of highly qualified specialists.

Material and technical resources of industrial practice workshops.


 Development of infrastructure and strengthening of material and technical resources is one of the directions of effective and competitive system of vocational education in lyceum.

Specialized workshops are a part of an industrial practice complex: metalwork, turning, wiring, all-construction works laboratory of a practical training of a profession "car repairs mechanic"; laboratory for training of cooks; an educational class for drivers of an electric locomotive. At the heart of formation of workshops and laboratories the principle of specialization and the need for training of specialists for the production sphere is put. Each workshop and laboratory has equipment according to her profile and appointment and also in the volume sufficient for carrying out studies: devices, models, models, the specialized equipment, plane grants, stands, available metal products, materials for production of educational products.

Oranization of excursions

One of simple and intelligible forms of acquaintance of students  with achievements of science, the equipment, the advanced methods of work of innovators of production at lessons of inservice training in our college are excursions.

Production tours are conducted at the enterprises which have a direct bearing on future profession of pupils. Production excursions will organize as at the beginning of vocational education for familiarity with the enterprise, a profession, internal the schedule, safety rules of work, and during educational process for acquaintance with the newest types of the equipment and the modern production technology, with the working methods and methods of the organization of work applied by leaders of production.

The excursions organized during an initial stage of inservice training have the greatest value: they leave at students  bright impressions on the basis of which the master and the teacher carry out with them educational work. Forming at them interest in a profession, in work, broadening their horizons, helping them to submit the general scheme of production and the future place in him, laying the foundation of labor discipline.

Social partnership

The college needs to train the expert of the new type having competitiveness already from the moment of the termination of college. Rudny mining technological college in modern social and economic conditions supports close contact with employers.



Interaction of social partners in professional lyceum is carried out on the basis of tripartite contracts, agreements and programs, according to implementation of the Memorandum of understanding and strategic cooperation between Akimatomkostanaysky areas, "Sokolovsko-Sarbayskim mining-productive union" and  "Professional lyceum No. 11".

The main directions planned by the Memorandum:

- granting jobs on a work practice;

- professional orientation work through mass media;

- organization of excursions of pupils of college to the enterprises;

- development of joint plans of work with department of youth policy of  SSGPO;

- participation in competitions of professional skill;

- assistance in the organization of a short-term training of teachers and training officers for acquaintance with new technologies;

- material encouragement of masters and teachers;

- help in registration of offices of theoretical preparation and production workshops;

- preparation, retraining and professional development of employees of the enterprises;

- payment of a grant to students of 10 thousand tenges as material stimulation in the ovladevani


ye of professions sharply necessary for JSC SSGPO

- 100% employment of graduates;

 The college has several partner enterprises today: JSC SSGPO, JSC Rudnyysokolovstroy, payment processing center Gornyak, Kazelektromontazh LLP, etc.

The main subject of cooperation is rendering assistance to development of college. Professionalism becomes the main condition of employment now. Any head seeks to work with prospects on the future, to have stable profit. And it is reached only by means of experts – professionals.

Improvement of quality of vocational training of shots helps future workers to acquire skills of activity and skills to adapt in the modern world, to become the qualified, competitive, demanded in labor market workers

Technical creativity of students


In college work on development of technical creativity is carried out according to the plan, made by heads of circles. In college three circles of technical creativity work.

Regular exhibitions of technical creativity attract huge interest, develop motives to efficiency work, stimulate desire to better mastering the profession.

Annually exhibitions are complemented with the best works of the students who are engaged in circles of technical creativity or made independently. Constantly renewed stand on production of production at lessons of inservice training allows students to see results of the work.

Many works became elements of the equipment and equipment of offices educational visual aids (the operating model of a vibration roar, model of the  loader, models of pumps of various design, the stand on cutting electric cables and other works).               

             Professional skill competitions

Professional skill competitions in lyceum are held for the purpose of improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills by profession, identification of creative potential of pupils, formation of steady motivation to professional improvement, a raising of prestige of working specialties, involvement of students to development of working specialties through the most effective use of the professional potential.

The competition of professional skill "The best by profession" between students of 1 and 2 courses, takes place on the following specialties: mechanic, turner, cook, plasterer, electrician.

The competition consists of two stages: theoretical where pupils show knowledge of objects of special technology, materials science, labor protection, etc. and practical, performing tasks on a training profile.

Refereeing at a competition is carried out by competent jury a part of which representatives with SSGPO,  Gornyak, Fortis , etc.  At the end of a competition of jury sums up the results and distribute prize-winning places.

Judges, our social partners note rather high level of training of contestants, winners are entered in the database of  SSGPO on future employment.

The college annually participates in regional competitions of professional skill in specialties: the cook, the plasterer, the electrician on whom our pupils and training officers take prizes.

Council of masters of college


According to the purpose of  the organizations and introductions of the best pedagogical practices, modern production technologies, increases in professional competences of training officers of college it is created and actively the Council of masters which is public governing body of training officers works.

Main objectives in work of Council of masters is:

• Distribution of positive experiment on the organization of educational process

• Increase in skill level of training officers

• Improvement of system of inservice training

• Assistance to young specialists in training of personnel

Council is elected from the list of training officers of the highest category. For fuller and discussion of problems at a meeting of Council are invited administration, representatives of public and law enforcement agencies, executives from the enterprises.

Council solves many problems:

• Studies study-educational metodoogical work of training officers and checks implementation of the decisions and recommendations accepted by Council;

• Works on introduction of innovative educational technologies in inservice training;

• Organizes seminars, pedagogical readings, round tables for the purpose of increase in an level of qualification of training officers;

• Is engaged in strengthening of ties with the enterprises, the organization production students preparation;

The senior training officers directs work of Council.

Round table in Rudny mining technological college "Social Partnership — the Guarantor of Demand in Labour Market"

The professional college in modern social and economic conditions supports close contact with employers.

So, on December 28 in professional lyceum for students of a third year the round table which purpose of carrying out was has taken place:

- broad informing on the prospects of development of the main social partner of SSGPO;

- acquaintance of graduates with conditions of passing of a predegree work practice and further employment;

- to give an opportunity to realize the importance of the chosen professions and their need for the enterprises of the city.        

 Have been invited to a meeting: Deputy personnel manager

- SSGPO Sokolova Lyudmila Alekseevna, Management of plant

- SSGPO chief of bureau of personnel Zhurilova Oksana Vasilyevna

-ATU of the deputy director on work with youth Bogdan Andrey Alekseyevich,

-RMZ master Pershin Alexey Anatolyevich,

-RMZ instructor Sokolkova Victoria Ivanovna,

-RMZ instructor on work with youth Bogdan Andrey Aleksandrovich,

- Miner Personnel manager Danilovich Ekaterina Petrovna,

-Kazogneupor  chief power engineer Belovol Alexey Vladimirovich

 -Rudnyysokolovstroy Power service Ivashchenko Alexander Ivanovich

Chelyapin Alexey Anatolyevich.

 The deputy director of SPW of college Faber L.D. was sounded by the purpose of this action and has presented invited. It was offered to pupil to watch the video "Time of Real Opportunities" about  SSGPO.

           Deputy head of department of personnel of  SSGPO, Sokolova L. Also I have told about the prospects of development of plant, about work with educational institutions, about the importance of experts, a manpower for production development, about selection and hiring of personnel. I have assured of what those probationers who seriously treat development of a profession will receive зар. a payment during a work practice, and Rudny is one of the few cities of Kazakhstan where the enterprises are ready to pay work of pupils – probationers.

         Also, Lyudmila Ivanovna, has acquainted with innovative projects. In the conclusion it has been told that the plant needs our graduates and waits for them for work.         Representatives Rudnyysokolovstroy, Kazogneupor have told about the enterprises, the prospects of their development, the social sphere. Have expressed the words of hope that young people of the specialist of our educational institution will wish to work at their enterprises. They will wait for them, they need them.

          The provided information has attracted the great interest at students shown in a stream of questions to the invited experts. Brought up questions of the youth programs existing at plant about leisure of youth, about a possibility of continuation of study in higher educational institutions, about opportunities of career development, about a housing question, about the salary, about work during passing of a predegree work practice, opportunities of work by turns, about delivery to probationers of special clothes. On all questions students have received irrefragable answers.

   Sokolova L.I. I have expressed gratitude for the held action, its relevance and timeliness of carrying out and I have suggested to hold such events annually.

Only in close contact of lyceum with the employer possible it becomes effective to realize the main function of educational institution – ensuring labor market with necessary shots of the experts demanded by the real sector of economy.

Methodical week "Our skill, you my Kazakhstan!"

Within the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in professional lyceum there has passed methodical week a master class. Lessons of inservice training were taken in groups of the first course, and despite the small period of training in our college, first-year students could already show the first labor skills by the chosen professions. Training officer Kirinevich T.L., Kushchenkoval. Pages, Mitryasova T.V. have shared experience with colleagues of lyceum on extent of mastering pupils practical skills in the course of realization of the creative potential.

Independent assessment of level of training of experts

Today questions of system of assessment of level of professional readiness and assignment of qualification are very relevant. Her improvement can become one of effective levers of interest of employers in training of qualified personnel and, eventually, in improvement of quality of training as the enterprises in the conditions of the competition of goods and services will choose the best graduates. It will create further strong indissoluble model educational institution – the enterprise – employer. Our pupils, graduates of this year have successfully handed over control testing, 100% having passed threshold level. And it means that each of them will receive the certificate of independent assessment of quality of training of experts. Monitoring of EQT once again shows that work on training of highly qualified specialists in our lyceum goes in the right direction and we can solve the problems determined by the strategy of development for the Republic of Kazakhstan.