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      The presentation of the International specialized EXPO-2017 exhibition "Energy of the future" is found in the attachment at the top of the page: EXPO-2017.

      The plan of “the Energy of the Future” project is in drawing public attention to the decisions and ways providing management of steady power sources.

      History of World Fairs

      The history of World Fairs begins with the "Great exhibition of industrial works of all people" which has taken place in London in 1851 and proceeds till today. In 1928 in Paris for regulation of exhibition activity the International bureau of exhibitions (MVB) has been formed. Today it is one of the longest and representative international structures (168 countries are its part). The international bureau of exhibitions monitors respect for the principles and problems of World Fairs; within the international cooperation events in the educational sphere, in the sphere of innovations, meetings on exchange of opinions and development of global dialogue on universal problems are held.


    Energy is the natural source creating conditions for stimulation and development of activity of the person.

    Energy provides preservation of model of societies and as the concept uniting in itself a set of aspects raises the intriguing questions concerning the Universe and mankind in particular. Access of society to power sources directly defines concrete scenarios of their social, economic and ecologically sustainable development. The scientific research and achievements in the field of technologies connected with optimization of various power sources define functional approaches of communities and create the prospect of sustainable development of power.

   In the name, as well as in a plan of the Energy of the Future project, the abstract concept which assumes acceptance, introduction and application of the most progressive methods of use of energy in the near future that is a necessary condition for sustainable development is concluded.

   "Energy of the future" also sets as the purpose to draw public attention to energy resources as on the integral heritage of mankind which needs to be used responsibly and rationally.

   The purposes and tasks of the Energy of the Future project — to call for sense of responsibility of the international community by means of various institutions, the organizations, corporations and individuals, for the purpose of stimulation of reflections and formation of knowledge on decisive impact which planning and control of energy consumption exerts on life of people and all live on the planet.