Exchange of pedagogical experience

2016-2017 ac.year.

Кущенкова Любовь 

training officer

gr. "Repairman"

Head of SYC

As it is correct to training officer to issue, write the scenario and to conduct a lesson of inservice training in college (methodical recommendations from the head of "School of young specialists of college").


I claim: senior training officer

Bakchakov S. M.


Plan of an open lesson of inservice trainingБағдарламатақырыбы:

Theme of the plan: Рубка металла– 12 часов


Theme of the lesson: The cabin of metal in a vice – 6 hours

Сабақтыңтипі/Типурока: studying of labor receptions and abilities

Оқудыңпікірі/Principles of education: Presentation, availability, from simple to difficult

Оқытуәдістері/Methods of education: Verbal, evident demonstration, practical, personal display, independent work.   

Үшбірыңғайсабақтыңмақсаты. Triune purpose of a lesson:

Білімділік / Educational: to create initial skills in the cabin of metal in a vice

Дамытушылық/ Developing: to continue

1. To form at pupils of ability to use in work as the equipment, tool, devices, to support them in proper condition.

2. To develop skills of timely prevention of possible defects, ability to estimate quality of the carried-out work.3. To develop visual control of correctness and accuracy of labor movements.

Тәрбиелік/ Educational:

1. To form at pupils independence when performing exercises, to set skills of self-checking.

2. To cultivate accuracy and responsibility for results of the work.

3. To form pride for the profession.

4. To cultivate need of observance of safety regulations during the work in a metalwork workshop

Intersubject and intra subject communications: special technology, drawing, materials science, Kazakh, labor protection

Material equipment: caliper, measuring ruler, hammers, chisel, lekalny ruler, table vises, preparations. 


Lesson course

1.     Ұымдастырубөлімі/ Organizational part: (3-5 min.)

1.1 Pupils checking  

1.2  Checking clothes

1.3 Appointment of pupils on duty

         2. Кіріспенұсқаулық/Instructing: (35-40 min)
- Name a theme  and purpose of a lesson

- Check of earlier passable material.

 To Slemetsezderma. Hello. The epigraph of today's lesson I have taken Maxim Gorky's words "It is possible to see, read much, it is possible to imagine something, but to make – it is necessary to be able...". And here at lessons of inservice training we have to learn to carry out metalwork operation the cabin of metal in a vice today. The lesson will pass in a type of a travel, we will visit several virtual halls, in each hall we will be met by the guide. So, I suggest to go to a travel and the first Historical hall: The student makes information on emergence of metalwork tools, emergence of a profession of the mechanic

         And we pass into the hall of "Earlier passable material". I suggest you to play the game "Who Quicker". I will ask questions – you answer, you receive a counter for the correct answer. Gained the greatest number of counters receives a souvenir.

1. What is called a workplace

2. What is a main type of the equipment of the working est for performance of handworks and represents a special table on which perform metalwork works

3. The tightening device for deduction of the processed detail in the necessary situation4. What types of a marking exist

5. What operation a marking is


6. Accuracy of a plane marking.

7. The tool for a nanenseniye рисок on the marked surface.

8. Angle of sharpening of a chertilka.

9. From what steel do produce the devil?

10. What apply risks on aluminum with

11. What is represented by a chertilka?

12. What tool is used to drawing deepenings on previously distinguished lines?

13. What center punches are.

14. What represents an ordinary center punch?

15. The angle of sharpening of a center punch for a marking of the centers of the openings which are subject to drilling

16. What tool is used for a marking of a circle and arches.

17. The tool used to an exact marking of straight lines and the centers

18. The Insrument applied at a spatial marking

19. How many times conduct to risk

20. In what sequence put marking.

21. What marking is applied at measurement of big parties identical in a form and the sizes of details.

22. What marking is applied at assembly of big details.

        Summing up game.      

And we pass into the hall of "New information"

  Subject of today's lesson "Cabin of Metal". Today you have to learn to carry out the cabin of metal in a vice. Information master of p/o in a new subject

The following hall to which we move – "Safety measures".

                                                                                "We knead hands steel, but not dough.

                                                                               Keep a workplace in an order!"

1. During the work to use the serviceable tool.

2. Not to delete shaving from the chopped-off surface and a plate with hands, in order to avoid wound of hands to use at the same time brushes.

3. It is correct to organize a workplace.

4. At the cabin the chisel and a cape chisel need to use goggles.

5. The handle of a machinist hammer has to be well fixed and not have cracks.

6. To remove foreign objects.

7. To keep a workplace clean too and an order


Induction material checking:

- To show receptions of the cabin of metal in a vice (2-3 pupils)

before you start performance of a practical task, let's repeat:

- What is represented by the operation "Cabin"?

- Call the tool used at the cabin.

- Let's repeat safety measures at the cabin of metal.

Problem uroka:pochy at the cabin of strip metal on the level of sponges of a vice it is necessary to look at the cutting chisel edge, but not at his head?

         So, children whether you have some questions on a practical task? If isn't present, then we get to work. I ask to pay attention: everyone in a workplace has about three triangles: green – isn't present questions, I work; yellow – is questions; red – a problem!

         Independent work of students and current instructing.3.1                        Оқушылардыжұмысорындарынаорналастыру


3.2                        Мақсатыкешендіктексерісөткізу

Holding complex target rounds on purpose:

- proverkipravilnost of the organization of jobs and observance of safety regulations;

- proverkipravilnost of performance of the studying labor methods and technological process of performance of work;

- proverkipravilnost of use of drawings, flow charts;

- check of the course of performance to work assistance of students;

- carrying out individual instructing if the student has begun to make mistakes.4.       Қорытындынұсқаулық

      Final instructing

4.1     Сабақты қоры тындылау және бағаларын хабарлау

Summing up a lesson and the message of estimates (according to an estimated leaf)

4.2    Білгілі кемшіліктерді талдау және ең жақсы жұмыстарды ата пөту

Analysis of typical mistakes and identification of the best works.

Reflection: For what I would praise myself today.


Cleaning their work places

4.3                        Үугетапсырма беру

H\w– N.I. Makiyenko «General course of metalwork» p.30-38.


                       Ө/о шебері. мастер п/о:                                Кущенкова Л.С.


On February 17, 2017 on the basis of the Kostanay construction college the meeting of a regional seminar within work of educational and methodical association of training officers of technical disciplines on a subject has taken place: "Use of the educational equipment and tools for formation of professional competences at lessons of inservice training". Two training officers of our college - Nurpiisovasholpanislamovna and Kudiyarovzhumabek Hozhabayevich have participated in this seminar.

Lessons of inservice training, master classes and of course excursion of laboratories and workshops of college didn't leave without impressions. It is a lot of interesting to itself our colleagues have noted and have accepted to use in the work, such seminars are an integral part in increase in professional competence of training officers.