The history of our college



From GPTU-149 to RGTC

On February 1, 1966 - the technical training college of miners No. 149 on training of skilled workers of a personnel for ССГОКа was open.

In 1989 GPTU No. 149 is renamed into technical training college No. 11, and since 1996 is re-registered in No. 11 PTSh.

In 2005 the order of Department of Education of the Kostanay region No. 566 from 29. 09. 2005 of PTSh No. 11 it is re-registered in Public institution "Rudnensky professional lyceum" of Department of Education of the Kostanay region. 1971 was a certain boundary in development of system of vocational training of the republic, this year, No. 149 GPTU began with one of the first training of workers with secondary education.

For last years the school issued more than 8000 young people of skilled workers who generally work in the SSGPO shops. This most authoritative entity in the Republic of Kazakhstan, its working collective is known not only in Kazakhstan, but also it is far beyond its limits. Quite recently he celebrated the 50 anniversary. To this date the agenda book and colourful booklets was issued. And so almost in each section of these editions is or photos, or are mentioned, among the best representatives of the SSGPO group of a surname of our graduates. Such as Zubko N. I. - the chief of stone-crushing factory, Zhomiruk Pavel is the shift supervisor of URPO, Popov A. P. is a deputy director of ATU,

Kanderov A. I. - the director of professional lyceum about 2003-2008. It is indicative that in the boring shop more than 70% of our graduates work. Speaking about our best graduates it should be noted that almost all of them were winners or prize-winners of the regional and republican subject Olympic Games or tenders on the best by profession.


Andrey Demyanenko - the first place in the republican Olympic Games in chemistry and physics.

Rinat Gimadeev - the first place in the republic on physics.

Andrey Grushin is the prize-winner of the republican Olympic Games in chemistry. the first place in the republican Olympic Games in chemistry, the second place in the allied Olympic Games Kazan.

Natalya Shakhvorost - the first place in the republican Olympic Games in chemistry, the second place in Allied, the second place in ballroom dances in Riga has also been recognized as Ms. Rudny. 

From 1986 to 1990 school the constant participant and the prize-winner of ENEA. For these years it was three times a student of ENEA Kaz. SSR 2 degrees (1986-1988g.) the master п / about Gerasimenko A. And yes three times the student of ENEA of the USSR Moscow (1978 - the diploma 2 degrees, Prepoavatel: Slashchev V. S. 1982 - the diploma 3 degrees Prepoavatel: Slashchev V. S., 1990 - the diploma 2 degrees,

Gerasimenko A. A., are awarded by medals of ENEA of the USSR.

Over 20 years collectives art amateur performance were the first in regional reviews of u repeatedly winners of All-Union competitions protected honor of the city, area on republican reviews, twice. It is Zaginaychenko L. V. merit. At all congresses of teachers of independent Kazakhstan our works which are noted by diplomas have been presented. Besides in school 8-10 sports sections annually worked, there are a wish to remember with gratitude collaboration with such brilliant organizers of sports work what were Afendikov A. F, Drobyshevsky V. P, Frolov V., Ivanov Yu. V. and Elunin V. G. who has succeeded them, Titarenko A.YU., Koryagin Yu. V.

All of them tried to obtain high rates, as in carrying out the general improving work with pupils, and training of high-class athletes. Such, as Master of Sports of the USSR Salamakh, Kokarev, Shuldays, Perepelitsina, Chuzhinin, master of the international class Well and others.

  As a result of more than 20 pupils of school became prize-winners and winners of the Republican and All-Union subject Olympic Games. In sports sections of school 8 Masters of Sports are brought up.



Since 1987. Our educational institution became basic in the field of information technologies in the city Ore. According to the request of data-processing center of plant the Electrician of the COMPUTER and Radiomekhanik groups were gathered. Byakov V. V. who came from production, the former graduate of GPTU-149 was the first deputy director of IVT. In 1989 its place was taken by Halansky N. I. S 1990 for 2003 - Gerasimenko A. A. In 1994 for the 1st place in the Republican exhibition of own software in the field of management of educational process, our school became basic on IVT in regional scale. From 1999 to 2008 in our educational institution there was a profession "The operator of the COMPUTER with clerical work bases". Also for the first time in practice of training, course preparation began with this profession in technical training college No. 11. From 1997 to 2007, on informatics we won only first place in all 7 regional Olympic Games held for this term.

High personal achievements were shown by teachers and masters п / about in regional tenders: Serebryakova I. A., Zhaksylykova B. A., Dozortseva T. I., Mitryasova T. V., Nurpiisova Sh. I., Golovin V. I., Kirinevich T. L.


Everything that in the eighties prospered in the 90th has begun to fall into decay, sharply

set was reduced because of crisis situations by SSGPO, ot1100 the person to 300, many schools then have been closed. To keep our educational institution, we have begun an experimental set of groups on other professions, and also, thus, have held on course preparation to the best times, having kept the status. All this thanks to enthusiasm of the director, then PTSh-11,

 Zinkin Vladimir Andreevich and former staff of school.

SPTU-11 of 1990.

   After leaving on deserved rest, his place Kanderov Andrey Ivanovich has taken. "Renaissance" has from this point begun. We the first have received the status of Professional lyceum and it is a merit of Andrey Ivanovich and his team. But a lot of things still should be made. We had no then an appropriate type not of modern material resources. So our educational institution since 1998 - 2008 looked.

But times change. We have survived and we continue to develop.


Since 2008, the director of lyceum - Seryogin Alexander Pavlovich.

Fell to its lot to recover destroyed. And it adequately carried out this task, and there were many difficulties. Now our college has a worthy appearance as outside, and in the educational case. The hostel, practically from ruins is recovered. In the educational case capital repairs are made. In audiences for the end it became much warmer in the winter. Audiences, today, practically all are equipped with the interactive equipment. Communications with the basic entity of SSGPO became stronger. Each academic year, something changes for the better. It should be noticed.

 In 2012 under the leadership of Seryogin A. P. the educational institution reached the status of KGKP "Rudnensky Mining Technological College" Departments of education of akimat of the Kostanay region. Considerably the level of educational services, both with methodical, and from technical aspect increased. Since 2012 work of the hostel is resumed. In 2015 RGTK successfully underwent the next certification. Exchange of pedagogical experience of masters п / about and teachers of college, therefore further improvement of quality of educational services became one of the main areas of work.

  In 2015-2016 уч. to year, under the leadership of the general foreman Bakchakov S. M. gardening of the territory of RGTK is begun and it becomes with great love and knowledge of case.

 Many achievements are available for college for this period of work:

v B 2009 methodical service under the leadership of Dozortseva T. I., the deputy director on scientific and methodical work of Professional lyceum No. 11 of the city Ore took the 2nd place in the republican tender "The Best Methodical Service of Professional Lyceums".

v B 2010 the Professional lyceum No. 11 took the 2nd place in regional tender on the best knowledge of disciplines of a humanitarian cycle.

v 2011-2012 academic year: Shkuratov Yury - the nomination "The Best Knowledge of the Theory" in the republican tender "The Best Electrician".

v of 25 publications in Republican scientific and methodical magazines:

Republican magazine "Reference Book of the Head of Educational Institution"

v 2014: deputy director for studies of RGTK, Ibrasheva Zh. S., it is awarded by the medal Russian Federation for "A contribution to Education".

v 2015: in the city of Astana for the first time in Kazakhstan there took place the international WorldSkills championship in which the winner of the regional tender "The Best by Profession — 2015", the student of Rudnensky mining technological college, the participant of the "M  Gel_k Ate Zhastara — an Industriya" program - Zhumanazarov Baytemir participated.

v 2016: Based on RGTK there passed the regional council of directors where achievements in inservice training were shown: a condition of workshops, audiences of special disciplines, accommodation conditions in the hostel.

V 2016. – there has passed the final stage of a regional competition "To social partnership the quality mark" among colleges in which our college has taken the 2nd place of honor.


     Administration and management of work of ours educational institutions from the moment of his basis

1966 - 2002 of GPTU-149, SPTU-11, PTSh-11









Zinkin Vladimir Andreevich

The deputy on UPR 

Estekhin Ilya Fedorovich

The deputy on UR

Shipovskikh Valentin Ivanovich

The deputy on UVR

Sushchenko Knara Raffiyevna



Relays broadcast Zinkin V. A. Kanderovu A. I.


2003-2008 of PTSh-11, RPL No. 11


Kanderov Andrey Ivanovich

The deputy on UPR

Seryogin Alexander Pavlovich

The deputy on UR

Gerasimenko Andrey Aleksandrovich


The deputy on UVR 

Kaloshina Evgenia Gennadyevna



since 2008 RPL No. 11 is  college


Seryogin Alexander Pavlovich

The deputy on UPR

Bekbayeva Zhanna Erzhanovna

The deputy on UR

Ibrasheva Zhanar Serikbayevna

The deputy on UVR 


Nurmagambetova Kadisha Mokhtorbekovna

Work of the union trade

Proskurnev Victor Ivanovich

Since 1977 I headed the trade-union organization PTSh-11. I paid special attention to labor discipline.

Video of 1985, holiday on March 8.

Several sketches "Aerobics" and "Career guidance" prepared by training officers. Traditionally on all holidays I was what be the concert program.

    Looking at these shots it is possible to present, by the number of employees of our educational institution, about the number of trainees. For that time about 1100 people, till 30-35 people in educational group, at design capacity of 480 people. The working day of the training officers began at 7-30 and came to an end quite often at 21-00. Till late evening it was necessary to provide employment of students. So was until the end of the 80th. Naturally amateur performances, technical creativity and sport as the fixed assets providing after-hour employment of students prospered.



Faber Lyubov Lmitriyevna



 I headed the trade-union organization PTSh-11, RPL No. 11 since the beginning of the 90th. I paid much attention to the organization of festive actions, competitions of amateur performances. Personally I participated in all reviews and sporting events.

Nurpiisova Sholpan Islamovna

  With great success continues since 2005 vigorous trade-union activity in RMTC.

    Holds authority on the regional trade-union organization. I have very well organized work in college.

Work of the trade-union organization of 2016 of video

And this tandem in 2016, has taken the 2nd prize in the area.

Accounts department

Mazalova Claudia Vasilyevna


Chief accountant
SPTS-11, PTS-11, RPL №11, RMTC 

Human resources department PTS-149 - RMTC

Kablukova Lyubov Afonasiyevna

For many years honestly I performed work of the secretary and personnel manager of PTS-149 – RPL No. 11

Konysbekova Gauhar Muratbekovna

The young specialist, Successfully performs this work in RMTC now.

Labor and vocational education in educational workshops – a basis of training of young specialists. With this hard task, for lifetime of our educational institution the senior training officer successfully coped:


Wolochai Vasily Nikitovich

Honored worker , veteran of work


Bakchakov Saparbek Muratovich

Perfectly performs this work now.

Educational work

For many years I provided 100% employment of students, at set over 1000 people, losses of the contingent were insignificant. The school was on the scale of the Republic in the forefront, there were also first and second places of greatvalue.

Zaginaychenko L. V.

Deputy of director of studies organizer

Paisova I. A.

The deputy on SEW


Dozortseva Tatyana Ivanovna

     For operating time in college I have lifted a level of scientific and methodical work to high modern level. I have played a big role in formation of many teachers and training officers of our educational institution. All scientifically methodical undertakings of Tatyana Ivanovna successfully work today and develop.

    In 2009 the Methodical service under her management has taken the 2nd place in the republican competition "The Best Methodical Service of Professional Lyceums".

Kunarbayeva Adiya Islamovna

 The veteran professionally - technical education with wide experience of work. Actively propagandizes conducting scientific work in the environment of teachers and exchange of experience.

The veteran professionally - technical education with wide experience of work. Actively propagandizes conducting scientific work in the environment of teachers and exchange of experience.

Drobyshevsky V. P. Ivanov Yu. V. Elunin V. G.
They were succeeded by new generation which under the leadership of Elunin V. G. - the veteran of vocational training carries on our traditions of physical training of youth.
Titarenko A. V. Dzhengiz R.R.

Koryagin Yu.V.


Honorary workers

(excellent students of education)

Wolochai V.N. (1980). Senior traininf officer

Chitalova G. D. (1980). Teacher of physics. Perevoznikova T. A. (1987). Teacher of mathematics

Shipovskikh V.I. (1977)

teacher of chemistry

The deputy on UR (deputy)

Zinkin V. A. 


Estekhin I. F. (1986)

The deputy on SPW

Naurzova G. M. (1986)

Teacher of chemistry

Gerasimenko A. A. (1999)

Teacher of informatics

The deputy on SW (deputy)

Kutovaya L. R. (1999)

Teacher of special disciplines

Teachers who won international

(allied) Olympiades, exhibitions and competitions

Slashchev V. S. is a teacher of electrical equipment. Silver medal of  the USSR Moscow

(1977, 1985)

Gerasimenko A. A.

training officer, teacher of informatics, Deputy director

Silver medal of  the USSR Moscow

(1989). the 1st place in the Republican competition in programming with participation of Microsoft of 1994.

Shipovskikh V.I.

Teacher of chemistry, Deputy director

the two 2nd the place in the Allied Olympiades in chemistry

(1887, 1988). Honored teacher of RK

Sultanova K. T

Teacher of economy

The leader of RMTC in scientific work, the author of a set of publications at the Republican level.

Dozortseva T. I.


2 place in the republican competition "the best methodical service" of 2009.

Ibrasheva Zh.S.

the deputy director on SW

it is awarded with a medal of the Russian Federation for "A contribution to Education".

2014. Woman of year


Zhaksylykova B. And

Teacher of Kazakh

Republican scientific and practical conference 3 place of 2015.

Kulambayeva G.A.

Teacher of public disciplines

"Meniotanym" 2nd place

RK. 2015.

Azbarova Sh.A.

Teacher of Kazakh

Repeated prize-winner and student of Republican level 


Barashev E. V.

training officer

Republican competition "Modern Educational Technologies"

diiply 2 degrees


Golubeva A. And

teacher of English

has gold certificate



Our training officers who show stable high rates for long years of work in vocational training

Timonin P. V. Gordiyenko Yu. A.  
Mitryasova T. V Nurpiisova Sh. I            Kirinevich T. L
Kushchenkova L. S. Omelchenko N. P Akanov S. I
Gavrilova O. V. Leshchenko N. N. Kudiyarov Zh. H.

They haven't a direct bearing on training and education of youth, but their long-term, honest work should be estimated.

Umerbekov T. T.

Carpenter of RPL №11, RMTC

Kosolapov V. F.

Electrician of PTSh-11,


Gredasov V. P.

Mechanic of RMTC

The graduates of our educational institution working in RMTC today.

Omelchenko N. P.

training officer

Gizzatov Yu. R .training officer

Karun (Yankovskaya) T. N.

training officer


This is the way our college looks 2015-2016 ac.year

Facade of the building of college



Reception committee


Methodical office

Decoration of the 3rd floor

Concert hall


The hall of Republic

The classroom of informatics

The classroom of history

The classroom of physics

The classroom of special technology of preparatory

The classroom of BMT

The classroom of special technology  of turners

The classroom of special technology of official language

The classroom of English


Teacher’s room


Tennis room

Educatiobal work

The hall of boxing



Salamakh S. V.

Former graduate of PTS-149,

training officer

Master of Sports in boxing



pipe-fitting shop

Laboratory of masters of finishing works

Preparation shop

Turning shop

Electrotechnical laboratory


Bakchakova Sh. M.

Commandant of the hostel


Athletic hall

The hall of simulators

Rest room


Dining room