2018-2019 academic year



Methodological work with young teachers
2016-2017 academic year.


Kuchenkova L.S, training officer,the head of SCC

The work of the EUREKA LEU in 2016-2017 academic year.


Osadchaya Valentina Pavlovna

teacher of special disciplines, head of SSS

Opening of SSS "Eureka" in 2016 - 2017 academic year.

Work from an active capable students, their search, identification and development - one of the most important aspects of work of college. Created in college NOU "Eureka" provides purposeful work with such students, since the first course and before release after completion of study therefore fixed and extracurricular activities are based so that each student could show the opportunities in the most different fields of activity. For the purpose of identification and support of the gifted and carried-away by bases sciences of the students seeking for scientific activity in college the scientific organization of pupils Eureka acts.

The scientific organization of students is a voluntary association of students,

the knowledge seeking for improvement in a certain field of sciences, to development of creative abilities, thinking, an intellectual initiative, independence, analytical approach to own activity, to acquisition of skills scientifically – research under the leadership of teachers and masters of p/o of college.


The purpose of work of scientific organization in 2016 – 2017 academic years is: preservation and the continuous ascending development of potential and cognitive interest of students of college.


Also, the scientific organization carries out the following tasks:

• formation of uniform college scientific organization with the traditions;

• early disclosure of interests of  students to scientific and search activity, profound preparation for her;

• creation of conditions for development of creative and mental abilities of the studying different courses;

• diagnostics of endowments of children, implementation of their support within educational process of college;

• promotion of achievements of science, equipment, literature, art.


  Work in scientific organization is conducted in different forms: through individual activity with students, group (joint research of students) and mass (conferences, the Olympic Games).

      The structure of college scientific organization includes the groups uniting different objects and in-service training.

       Students of our college – members of scientific organization take active part in the college, city competitions and the Olympic Games, also prepare research works together with research supervisors.

However, despite excellent performances, our children have ahead even more difficult test – a regional scientific and practical conference at which their works will undergo deeper analysis.

From our students students all their skill, knowledge and confidence will be required that with advantage to present college. But we don't doubt that they will achieve success.

    Work in scientific organization has practical value for students of college:

first, children join the world of science, gain skills of research;

secondly, they have an opportunity to show the most interesting works;

thirdly, they can present works for participation in conferences and competitions city, regional and republican (in absentia),


     03.11.16 in our college opening of SSS this academic year has taken place.

The bright performance of children of the E-15 group (the 2nd course) left nobody in the hall indifferent. All listened carefully speakers, asked questions, actively cooperated on this action. Also students were addressed by teachers and training officer.

In the Subject Cyclic Commissions (SCC) in our college current academic year