Methodological work with young teachers
(SYS)   2018-2019 academic year.

The College has a Young Teacher's School. This school year, 5 people are students of the school. The main tasks of the school of a young teacher are the creation of conditions for the development of an individual style of pedagogical creative activity; assisting in the study and creative implementation of the achievements of pedagogical science and advanced experience in the teaching and educational process; prevention of typical mistakes and difficulties in the organization of the educational process, the search for possible ways to overcome them; formation of the need for continuous self-education.


Nataliya Petrovna

training officer

the head of SCC

Mentors: Kirinevich T.L., Altybaeva A.Zh., Kuschenkova L.S., Omelchenko N.P.

Young specialists: Bobkova E.A., Krutikova D.V., 
Borodina T.V., Zhunusova A.S.

From 09. 10.2018 - 17. 10.2018 the “Week of success # 1” is held in the college among the staff of the SMB. In the course of the methodical “Success Week №1” to obtain objective information about the level of professional competence of the “young specialists” of the engineering and teaching staff, the readiness of the day, legal general education, and political information in the n / a group of masters were visited. Masters of p \ o hold the readiness of the day, legal education, political information in the group according to the methodological recommendations and requirements for conducting.