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Sokolovsko - Sarbaysky mining and processing production association

 ( SSGPO) — the largest Kazakhstan enterprise for production and enrichment of iron ores which is a part of Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC).

On June 30, 1954 the Council of ministers of the USSR has made the decision on the beginning of construction of Sokolov Sarbai Mining Production Association on the basis of Sokolovsky and Sarbaysky of fields the magnetitovykh of ores. In August, 1957 the enterprise has sent the first echelon of saleable ore to the Chelyabinsk metallurgists.

In 1995 the enterprise has won the prize "Golden Globe" from the international "Fund of development of the East" for release of competitive production, participation in development of economy of Kazakhstan and integration into world economy and also a prize of commercial prestige and the best trademark from National marketing Institute.

Structure of the enterprise

Four pits — Sokolovsky, Sarbaysky, Kacharsky (earlier Kacharsky GOK) and Kurzhunkulsky, the Sokolovsky mine, dolomitic mines, complexes of a rudopodgotovka and okomkovaniye, the Alekseevsky dolomitic mine, the steel-rolling plant are a part of production association. The power component is presented to Rudnensky combined heat and power plant ( SSGPO).


The main production of SSGPO are the oflyusovanny iron ore pellets and an iron ore concentrate which are raw materials for domain production. These raw materials are delivered on the Karaganda iron and steel works, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and on a number of the enterprises of China.