Scientific and methodical work



 One of important components of complete educational process of college is the methodical work representing set of the actions organized leading and teachers, and directed to improvement of a technique of teaching subject matters, development and deployment of new methods and tutorials for the purpose of ensuring efficiency of the organization and development of educational process, his comprehensive support, highly professional staffing.

The specified objectives are achieved by a solution of a number of tasks. Among them:

• program and methodical and scientific ensuring educational process;

• activization of activity of separate links of methodical system of college;

• organization and stimulation of active participation of members of pedagogical collective in innovative activity;

• ensuring increase in professional competence and growth of pedagogical skill of teachers;

• creation of the common information space providing timely receipt and promotion of productive pedagogical technologies, methodical recommendations and developments and experience of their use;·

the analysis, planning and correction of contents and results of educational process by means of holding diagnostic, advisory and methodical, expert and certification actions;

• organization of competitions of pedagogical skill, scientific and methodical conferences, seminars, etc.

The listed tasks make the main content of methodical work in which it is conditionally possible to allocate such components as:

1. Educational and methodical work, which purpose — studying and development of pedagogical experience, professional development of teachers, tutorial support of young specialists, increase in efficiency of the used methods and tutorials.

2. The scientific and methodical work assuming studying, the analysis, development of the best pedagogical practices and innovative technologies, their introduction in educational practice of college (during experimental activity), the edition of printing works for internal and external use, the organization of scientific and practical conferences and seminars of teachers and students.Thus, methodical work should be considered as the complete system of interaction of methodical, information, diagnostic, personnel, material subsystems.

The center of this system is the methodical office where the educational and methodical material reflecting innovative experience of pedagogical collective, working programs of subject matters, printing works of teachers, novelties of pedagogical and methodical literature and so forth is built.

The coordinating link of methodical work in college — methodical council and the methodical (cyclic) commissions.

Methodical council as permanent collegial advisory and methodical body, purposefully and systematically realizes educational and methodical maintenance of educational process, keeps track of efficiency of teaching activity, her organization, contents, a technique. Council acts decisions of a faculty meeting and the principal on the basis. His main objectives are among:·development (together with council of college and a faculty meeting) the strategic directions of development of college;

• diagnostic and analytical ensuring educational process;

• preparation of recommendations about improvement of quality of education;

• methodical help and support of teachers of college;

• development, examination and correction of curricula of college, working programs and didactic materials;

• studying and introduction of innovations in the field of training and education;

• promoting of innovative pedagogical experience;

• organization of scientific and methodical and creative activity of teachers and students.

The methodical (cyclic) commissions unite teachers of related disciplines. The main function — coordinating of preparation of the disciplines studying on this or that cycle and also work on educational, educational methodically, scientific methodically to providing subject matters of a cycle. Subject (cyclic) commission:

• coordinates educational and program and educational and methodical ensuring development by pupils of subject matters on specialties;

• assists teachers in implementation of the state educational standard of secondary professional education;

• promotes increase in professional level of teachers;·promotes introduction of the innovative pedagogical and information technologies directed to improvement of quality of training of future experts and increase in competitiveness of graduates of college in labor market.

Especially it is necessary to tell about creative laboratories as independent links of methodical work of college which are created for studying and introduction of new educational technologies.

The creative laboratory is association of the teachers and pupils working in the mode of an innovation and solving such problems during work as: tracking of effectiveness of innovative work and development of recommendations for teachers of college; assistance to the professional growth of teachers; training of future experts in skills of research project work; increase in motivation of students to independent scientific search; contribution to formation of skills of self-realization.

The basis of activity of creative laboratory is made by studying of innovations and the organization of skilled and experimental work; development of criteria of effectiveness of experimental activity; the analysis of innovations and development of recommendations following the results of an experiment; acquaintance of the teachers and parents studying with the course and results of the work.

Besides, the creative laboratory has the right to introduce amendments in the program of an experiment taking into account working conditions and the received intermediate results and also to ask administration and methodical council about scientific and methodical, financial, material security and other conditions for effective work of laboratory.
Schematically organizational structure of methodical work of college.

Methodical work of college is implemented in a number of the main directions among which:

1. Generalization and distribution of pedagogical experience at meetings of faculty and scientific and methodical meetings, on open occupations and master classes, with participation in scientific and practical conferences.

2. Introduction of innovative forms and methods of training by means of mastering teachers new technologies.

3. Complex ensuring educational process by development of educational and methodical providing, creation of uniform methodical base.

4. Professional development and the creative potential of pedagogical shots at advanced training courses, at schools of pedagogical skill, during the training at the enterprises, at scientific and practical conferences and seminars, at competitions of professional skill and also in the course of self-education. Work on identification of level of professional competence and methodical training of the beginning experts is carried out, if necessary individual measures for their professional formation are developed.Close attention is paid also to monitoring of quality of education which main directions is identification:

• qualities of realization of educational process;

• skill level and professional skill of teachers;

• equipment of educational process;

• qualities of results of education.

Thus, methodical work of college is the system of the interconnected measures based on the achievements of science and pedagogical experience aimed at the development of creative potential of the teacher, his professional skill, and finally — on growth of level of education, development and good breeding of students.