Tasks for students in the case if lessons will be сanceled.They’re necessary to be done


2018-2019 academic year.
In the application at the top of this page pay special attention to points: 12, 15, 16, 18!!!
Attentively read  the rules of  doing  tasks!

Cancellation of lesons can be made for various reasons. Anyway, it is not a reason for inaction. Educational process and in these cases is continuous.

 On tabs of this menu item, after his opening, tasks, for obligatory performance, in all main objects of training, for all groups of each of three courses which are on theoretical training will be presented.

Your actions:

The menu is developed only in case of cancellation of lessons! You find the course in a submenu, you come there, the submenu is developed, you find the group. There tasks in objects, or in investments in page top, or in expanded form will be presented. Tasks to carry out in workbooks in objects with the indication of date of cancellation of lessons according to the current class timetable.

Note: buildings can be both on repetition or current, and on advancing, for independent studying. Tasks are open for viewing only in days of cancellation of lessons! Ж. С.