Educational work

Basic principles


Main objective of the educational work is an improvement and development of system of educational work of professional lyceum.

For achievement of a goal the following problems are solved:

- Improvement of system of traditional CTD of college as basis of backbone activity;

- development of the program of activity and development of the youth organization of students;

- formation of accurate structure, contribution of activization of its activity;

- further work of methodical association of class teachers and training officers in studying and use of modern educational technologies;

- to begin work on modeling of educational systems of groups as necessary basis of formation of educational system of college;

- promotion among students and employees a healthy lifestyle to conduct prevention of addictions;

- improvement of work on prevention of offenses, teenage crime and neglect; to create the system of activity in this direction.

Legal base of educational work is:

• the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulations in the field of primary professional education;

• Charter of college;

• Functions of employees;

• Regulations;

• decisions of faculty meetings and various provisions;

Work on improvement of system of traditional collective and creative affairs were it is based on the principle of accumulation and realization of knowledge and skills of students, associations of educational actions of various forms in thematic blocks. This form of the organization of educational work of educational institution has confirmed the solvency in the strengthened purposeful influence on the identity of pupils

On the basis of the approved provisions both actions in groups, and the general actions of college are held.

The final stage of all affairs is summing up and rewarding of winners with diplomas and prizes.

Knowledge and skills of pupils received by them in different types of activity give the chance to take active part in actions of higher level: city and regional festivals, marathons, actions.

One of objectives for academic year was activization of activity of the youth organization of students, formation of its accurate structure.

Planning documentation, structure and directions of activity have been developed.

At the beginning of academic year according to the plan of work starting gatherings of students of 1 course "We are together!" are carried out members of the youth organization constantly take active part in public life of lyceum and the city.

The roup of students of ten people are city Youth Maslikhat's members of Public association Zhastar. Annually we participate in a regional meeting of activists of the Kostanay region.

Within a year the road group helps to control on monitoring of attendance and appearance. Results of raids on the number of admissions of classes in the disrespectful reason, offenses and crimes of minors, delay were estimated.

Competitions of groups on earlier created situation are held. The results are summed up by results of theoretical and practical training, participation in PL actions and also in city and regional actions.

Traditionally important place in educational activity is taken by work on formation at pupils of skills of HLS, prevention of addictions and AIDS. Within this work the various actions allowing to provide the most full range of educational impact on the identity of students have been organized:

1. According to the plan, drag station's work is conducted. Meetings with Zaytseva V.V. and preventive conversations with the students staying on the registry at the teenage narcologist and belonging to "risk group" were held.

2. Thematic class hours. According to the plan of EW of lyceum they pass once a month. The help in their carrying out (methodical recommendations, special literature, the publication in the press) is rendered by the paramedic and the librarian of lyceum.

Besides preventive, work on formation of skills of a healthy lifestyle is conducted. The stock "Changing cigaretts  on Candy" was held "Day of health" where active part is taken not only by students, but also teachers and training officers is annually spent. A specific place is held by sports life of lyceum. Sports sections (volleyball, basketball, soccer), gym and domestic boxing club work. Participating in city competitions, our students always bring prize-winning places. Scheduled maintenance in lyceum held a specific place as the problem of teenage crime remains relevant.

Within academic year implementation of the program of legal education and development of students continues. During this activity systematic studies of a legal general compulsory education for students of lyceum have been continued. Occupations of a legal general compulsory education are conducted weekly. The important place is taken by individual scheduled maintenance with pupils. Within a year individual discussions with students of deviant behavior are led both by training officers and class teachers, and the psychologist, the deputy director for SW, SEW, SEPW, the director of lyceum. Numerous discussions are led with the students who are on intra school account for systematic misconduct and admissions of occupations without valid. Systematic work of the Administrative commission of lyceum as one of forms of scheduled maintenance is continued. Also as a measure of prevention carrying out detailed instructing of all students about rules of conduct in students spaces in the period of vacation for painting is provided.